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DO NOT USE THIS FORM for simple queries such as single server, single URL. For basic pricing a quote is not required. All basic pricing is listed in the price sheet. Not sure what to do, then go here.

Here are the factors involved in pricing the perfect ActivSoftware for your needs. Please, answer all the questions for more accurate pricing information. Also, do not forget to visit the 'About: Licensing' section to be sure you need to complete this form. You will find scenarios, the basic license, etc. to assist you.


What Language?

Email Address:

UserName: (if your not a current customer enter your full name)


         I forgot my username.

* * * If the answer to the next five questions is one (1), then your pricing is simple, just go to the price sheet.

How many Web addresses will be powered by our tool? is a different address than and also different from as this reflects individual solutions or customers.

On how many in-house servers will you use ActivEdit to host your firms intranet or admin portal?

How many paying companies, or people, will log into your service to access tools with which ActivSoftware components/controls will be bundled? You're only using one or a few servers, with one base URL, but have many people who pay to use a service in which our tools are bundled.

About how many in-house servers will you use ActivEdit to host customer Web site, customer solutions or paid-for login services? i.e. Browsers pay to login to post a classified ad, etc.

How many other firms' paying customers will use ActivEdit on their servers that are external to yours? List all paying customers who will use ActivEdit who have more than one server and state the total number of servers each?

Source Code Availability. This option makes about a $400 difference. Open Source is the ONLY option for some versions of ActivEdit.

Spell Checker? This only applies if you are inquiring about ActivEdit!

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