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Activedit earns Allaire Cool Tag
September 7, 1999

The one week old, Cold Fusion Development Web site, at, was recognized by Allaire for it's custom tag "CF_Activedit" . The tag is used to create a Microsoft Word ®-type / WYSIWYG editor for Web site or Intranet content management. It was rated as a "Cool Tag" by Allaire. is fine tuning it's, soon to be released, Web Developer's Toolkit, Site-a-Matic. Site-a-Matic is an application management program that allows developers to quickly deploy applications, to reduce development time, typically, from hours to minutes. In one week received over 300 downloads and plans to add new custom tags each week. There are free tags available at the site as well. was founded by the owners of the "Top 100 Web developer" **, NETDesign Inc., and two developers, Pete Freitag and Steve Goodman both from Upstate New York. was started specifically for the purpose of developing custom Cold Fusion Tags, and Applications. ** Re:

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