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US-UK Allaire ColdFusion Alliance Formed
October 28, 1999

Rob Thrasher, Marketing Dir, NETDesign Inc., called this newly formed relationship, "A small foreshadowing of things to come. I suspect that with the maturation of the Internet as a marketplace, and the fact that ColdFusion has begun to grow so rapidly as a platform, that we will begin to see an onslaught of ColdFusion developer alliances such as this one. There will be alliances, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and a number of deals to follow." NETDesign, A Top 100 Web development firm in Utica, New York, began developing on the ColdFusion platform four years ago, and just recently began selling its applications to other developers only two months ago. Thrasher says, "It was an instant success. The Activedit tag, which is the crux of the new site,, within just a week or so was dubbed a "Cool Tag" by Allaire, and took in nearly as much money in the first few months as the four-year old NETDesign Inc. Internet Vision Software a small start-up web based developer tools company, and creator of a ColdFusion based product, CFXGraphicsServer, found NETDesign through their new site just one month ago. Internet Vision's new product, CFXGraphicsServer, released only days ago on October 20th, 1999, which will be officially release while at the first Allaire developer conference in Boston, MA on the 26th - 27th October. CFXGraphicsServer has already gained several new clients for Internet Vision Software, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC). Internet Vision Software is subsidiary of Internet Vision Ltd, a Premier Allaire partner in the UK, but also the largest private owned web development house in the UK, with clients such as the Economist, BBC,,, Richard Ellis, Virgin. In the US, NETDesign Inc. through, short for Cold Fusion Developers, has added clients including Cornell University, State Farm Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, Sony Pictures, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), etc. Paul Underwood, Software Development Manager for Internet Vision Software, and Chairman of the Cold Fusion Users Group in the United Kingdom said, "US companies have been knocking on our door in an attempt to get a US based supplier for the product. We needed a US partner that could push the product with the energy that we would in the UK and that fit our corporate background and . Our strategic alliance with NETDesign will allow us to better market our products in the US and, in turn, allow NETDesign a better opportunity to sell their product in the UK." Contacts: Paul Underwood, Email, +44 171 589 4500, Web Site, Internet Vision Software Rob Thrasher, Email, 800-791-1916 x105, Web Site, NETDesign Inc. CFDev - Cold Fusion Developers Tools. CFXGraphicsServer - 100% Server-side, ColdFusion-based, graphing and charting solution which graphically displays data generated from static or dynamic data sources within a Web-based environment.

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