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We are a "cool tool"!
February 2, 2000

Server-side graphing tool OK, OK, this is a little late. But we've gotta say-- you're lucky to get anything today. Sheesh! With the schedule we've been on, the meetings, the writing, the's enough to drive even the sanest folks a little daffy. So you can just imagine what its doing to us! One of the big projects we've been working on involves gobs of research. Data. Numbers. Stuff That Must Be Graphed. And while we're as good at Excel as the next ID10T out there, we sort of wish that we could just load all the stuff into a Web page and let our customers figure out how they want to see it. We're not very good at guessing: Regis' "final answer" question always makes us break out into could sweats. So you've gotta believe that we were nearly peeing-in-our-pants excited to see Today's Cool Tool from Internet Vision Software: Graphics Server. Not only is it a nifty Web-based graphing tool that allows you to let your visitors see data the way they want to see it, but its designed to work with ColdFusion...our favorite application server/development tool! Yup, this puppy does everything. Not only is it tricked out with hundreds of tag attributes for pumping out the niftiest graphs and charts you've ever seen, but it also does it all entirely on the server side, pumping out GIFs, JPGs, or PNG files faster than you can shake the proverbial stick. It's got stat functions like standard deviations (as if there can actually be "standard" deviants...but we digress!), multiple image formats, and loads of graph types...including combination graphs. So what are you waiting for? A free lunch? Forgetaboutit! But you can try Graphics Server free for 30 days-- not a bad deal! It'll give you just enough time to sell it to one of your clients and let THEM pay for it. Cool!

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