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Here is a list of recommended books.

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The ColdFusion MX Developers Cookbook I was the lead author of this book, so I'm certainly putting it on top of my list - but it's also a handy book. I think you will find it to be quite different from the rest of the ColdFusion books on the market. Here's what one reviewer had to say about it:
"There are plenty of ColdFusion books available, unfortunately many of them just follow the same structure, trying to cover ColdFusion from start to finish (often ending up as around 1000 pages). While those books can be just fine for the beginners, they offer very little value to the experienced developer. This is the first ColdFusion cookbook to ever hit the market, and it's a pretty good one, providing practical solutions to common problems."
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Other ColdFusion Books

Programming CFMX Programming ColdFusion MX by Rob Brooks-Bilson covers ColdFusion MX in great detail, and also is the first and probably only book that will cover the 6.1 release of CFMX.

Discovering CFCs Hal Helm's book on CFCs is the only book dedicated to just ColdFusion components.

General Web Development Books

CSS Pocket Reference A handy little reference to CSS that will stay on your desk. Quick access to browser compatibility, and references for CSS and only around $10!

Designing With Web Standards Classic web design book that helps you build standards XHTML/CSS compliant web sites.

Java Books

Thinking in Java Bruce Eckel's classic book for learning Java. I would recommend this book to beginners with prior programming experience.

Software Engineering

Classical and Object Oriented Software Engineering I studied software engineering at Clarkson University, this was one of the books we used, although I have an older edition, it had lots of good stuff.

The Mythical Man Month Another book I read while studying Software Engineering at Clarkson, this is a classic book that was written in the 70's! Yet the book stood the test of time, there are lots of handy morsels in this book. Recommended read for all developers - short book, easy reading.

Introduction to Algorithms This is a very in depth book that teaches you how to construct efficent algorithms. It offers abstract techniques to algorithm design, mathmatical analysis, and more.

UML Distilled The major strength of UML Distilled is its short, concise presentation of the essentials of UML and where it fits within today's software development process. The book describes all the major UML diagram types, what they're for, and the basic notation involved in creating and deciphering them. These diagrams include use cases; class and interaction diagrams; collaborations; and state, activity, and physical diagrams. The examples are always clear, and the explanations cut to the fundamental design logic.

Design Patterns Design Patterns is a modern classic in the literature of object-oriented development, offering timeless and elegant solutions to common problems in software design. It describes patterns for managing object creation, composing objects into larger structures, and coordinating control flow between objects.

Check back often, as I am always adding books!

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