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Increase Deliverability

Increased Deliverability = Increased Revenue

Delivery Policy Management

Legitimate senders of bulk mail must monitor and enforce delivery settings for each email recipient domain based on published, or sometimes unpublished, policies. This is very crucial when delivering to larger email providers such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Each email provider has its own policies regarding the exact settings they require from each sender of bulk mail. Sending too many email messages to YAHOO in one connection might damage your reputation with YAHOO. Too many attempts to resend emails that were not delivered, in too short a timeframe, might blacklist you, or otherwise damage email campaigns' effectiveness.

Explore some of the policies you can create with XM Mail Server:

» Slow Start Outbound Connection Ramping Deliverability Algorithm

» Virtual MTA's In XM Mail Server

» Domain Based Email Message Throttling

» Delivery Notification Assurance

» iQueue - Intelligent Mail Queue and Spool

» Email Deliverability Best Practices


The emergence of reputation filters and accreditation services such as Goodmail Systems, Bonded Sender, and others, further complicates the bulk email sending process. These services take a small fee to allow your campaigns to bypass selected spam filters. Adopting these services can be complex since they require segmentation of outbound emails into classes. XM Mail Server has add-on components to easily add the necessary stamping of headers required by these services.

SPF / Sender Policy Framework and Sender ID

ActivSoftware help's their mail server customers create valid DNS records for SPF or Sender Policy Framework, and Microsoft Sender ID.

Many ISP's look for SPF records to validate that the email came from the domain they say its from. If the SPF query fails the mail is often blocked.

Yahoo DomainKey's

XMS was one of the first smtp mail servers to implement Yahoo! DomainKeys into the mail server. With XMS you can automatically sign all your outgoing email with a cryptographic signature that validates it is from the domain it says its from.

» Setting up automatic DomainKeys signing with XMS

Email Tracking Numbers

When you send business critical packages with Fedex you use a tracking number to ensure if, and when, packages are delivered. XM Mail Server assigns each campaign, and each email, a tracking number utilized to verify delivery status of mission critical email messages.

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