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Mail was a huge problem for us with CF because we experienced the same problems everyone else has. This tag has saved time and money as we used to spend hours trying to figure out if messages had actually been delivered. Without a doubt ActivMail from is the best tag we have worked with. We are now using the new version 2 and it is awesome. The support we have gotten has been great as well. We have used it to send 4 and 5 thousand messages a minute without a single failure. The impact on productivity has been huge as we have time to develop projects and spend less time worrying about mail1 Thanks!

Dennis J. Guzy
Manager of Information Resources Development
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

I wanted to let you know about the great feedback we're getting from our clients. We're using ActivEdit and ActivMail as the building blocks for a fantastic email management system. Our clients can easily create HTML based emails using ActivEdit. They save the email documents and send them to lists developed from lead-capture forms on their web sites. ActivMail is super fast and has eliminated the problems that we've had with CFMail. The load-balancing option also gives us a path to scale as our needs grow. The setup was simple and the results were terrific. We also appreciate your response to our suggestions for improvements. The new version of ActivMail now permits multiple attachments which our clients will love. Thanks for two great products.

Mike Phillips

The old tag was great, but from what I have seen so far 2.0 is a great leap forward. I have had a day to play with it and am loving it :-)


"Even our initial tests with ActivMail blew our old system away, and with some configuration tweaking and great support from the tag developers, we've been able to find a sweet spot. We now use ActivMail to send more than 3 million messages every day, at a rate of nearly 230,000 messages per hour. With this speed and reliability, we've been able to bring our operations in-house and save more than $10,000 every month!"
Director, Web Development
FreeYankee, Inc.

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