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   ActivMail 2.1

Activspell ActivMail 2.1, is a ColdFusion CFX tag that replaces CFMAIL for bulk emails, mailing lists, newsletters, etc. It is capable of sending thousands of emails per minute efficiently and reliably, making it a viable alternative to CFMAIL. Also, since it is written in Java, it works on all ColdFusion Supported Platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP). Sending email with Active Mail solves many of the problems and limitations incurred by the use of CFMAIL, and prevents build up of undeliverable mail (undelivr folder).

It's easy to free yourself from <CFMAIL>. With ActivMail you can convert your existing <CFMAIL> code to use our <CF_MAIL> Custom Tag in minutes. Your <CFMAILPARAM> tags can also be converted easily with our <CF_MAILPARAM> tag.

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