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Features in XM Mail Server (XMS)

Email Bounce Management

» Email Bounce Type Definitions

» Challenge Response Email Processing

» Example: Configuring an Email Bounce Filter in XMS

Email Deliverability

» Virtual MTA's In XM Mail Server

» Domain Based Email Message Throttling

» Delivery Notification Assurance (DNA)

Personalized Emails

» Data Mining


» Asynchronous Routing Core (ARC)

» AMD/64 bit support

» iQueue - Intelligent eMail Queue and Spool

» SpamAssassin Load Balancing

» Clam AntiVirus Load Balancing

Extendable Email Server

» XMS Application Programming Interface (API)

» Example: SMTP Filter

» XAPI Javamail provider to send email to XMS

Email Security

SMTP Gateway

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