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ActivEdit Information
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   Activedit 4.0 Licensing

  • Standard license: One server, one URL with NO rights to bundle or disseminate and a ten (10) user limit. That is not ten (10) customers for commercial use, see below.
  • Enterprise Licenses: Multiple servers, users, bundling, clustering, etc.
  • Also: license scenario's and price quote request.


    One URL
    Virtual URL's count as additional URL's. We will usually quote this as one license if the additional URL's are for your firm's use and not third party paying entities.

    Customer Users
    The basic license does not cover ANY third party paying entity using a service provided by you.

    {Regular} Users
    Employees of the licensing entity. No type of paying customer or comeercial user qualifies as a regular, non-commercial, User

    Basic licensing does not grant any rights to disseminate the software in any way. Reselling, bundling and providing access to the functionality in ANY way to paying, third party entities is prohibited and requires ahigher level license.

    Removing our brand from any of our material is prohibited unless you purchase a branding membership.


    Higher level, enterprise-wide licenses for ActivSoftware

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