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   ActivEdit 5.0
   for ColdFusion, (coming soon for ASP, PHP, JSP, DotNet)

ActivEdit 5.0 Released for ColdFusion on August 15, 2006
ActivEdit 5.0 Released for JSP on December 6, 2006

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The sole design objective for ActivEdit 5.0 is a better user experience, which is consistent across the browsers that implement the Microsoft, Mozilla and Safari Document Object Models. While bugs still exist in the implementations of these DOMs, we believe the user experience is improved and consistent across these implementations with only one exception. The Safari user will not be able to dynamically resize or drag and drop images. Safari users can re-locate images by copying and pasting and may still change image properties using the image property selection within the context menu.

ActivEdit useage within a web form and it's widely popular API remain the same. Developers may need to modify custom functions if they used library functions instead of custom library functions. We suggest developers consult the API documentation and test custom buttons before updating existing applications.

ActivEdit technical users were instrumental in helping to gain a community agreement on standards adoptions that make the usability changes in ActivEdit 5.0 possible. We thank you all for your persistence. The standards also make possible the additional benefit that ActivEdit 5.0 has fewer dependencies. It no longer requires a JRE or the MSDHTML ActiveX Component. This eliminates changes in usability that occurred due to Windows installer problems or new restrictions on class or object permissions.

If your ActivEdit 4.0 license qualifies for a free upgrade either through a current subscription or license purchase on or after July 1st, 2006 should be able to download ActivEdit 5.0 on or before August 17, 2006. Login to your account and select the Download Software link to download the latest zip. Current license holders will also be notified of the release by email. Major updates will also be announced in this way. Bugs can be reported at support or contact us. Standard License support is limited to 30 days and covers installation issues only. You may purchase additional support incidents from your account menu. If you wish to purchase consulting time, please contact us and describe topic or project.

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