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   ActivMail 2.1 Features

  • Ability to send thousands of email messages reliably
  • SMTP Server Load Balancing - distribute mailings across multiple SMTP servers (Not in Lite version)
  • Send personalized messages (to, from, subject, body) from a query (Not in Lite version)
  • Failto Attribute - allows you to specify a return path address for bounces.
  • Unlimited Attachments - Now you can send mail with attachments, and highly customize how they are encoded.
  • Custom Headers - add custom headers to email sent with ActivMail
  • SMTP Authentication - Support for SMTP AUTH LOGIN, authenticate to your SMTP server with a username and password
  • Multiple Server Ports - specify a different port for each server in your server list (Not in Lite version)
  • Embed Images in HTML Email - send images in your HTML email
  • Send multiple alternative parts - send messages alternative message parts, such as text/x-aol (HTML for AOL 6.0 and below)
  • Flexible encoding, and character sets - you can pick how you want your message encoded.
  • Attachments can use tokens - quoted-printable or 7bit encoded attachments can use tokens
  • CF_MailAttachment tag - makes it easy to send attachments
  • CF_MailHeader tag - makes it easy to use custom headers
  • CF_MailParam tag - makes it easy to migrate existing CFMAIL code
  • CF_Mail wrapper tag - works similar to CFMAIL tag
  • HTML Formatted Messages
  • Multi-Part Messages - (HTML for email clients that read it, Plain Text for those that do not. eg Pine)
  • Plain Text Messages
  • CFX Tag - returns quickly while the messages are sent in a concurrent thread.
  • Log File
  • Written in Java - so it runs on all java platforms
  • Configurable Connection Limit - optimize the number of messages sent on a single connection, boosts performance, and eliminates errors.
  • Configurable Max Line Size - automatically word wraps the message for you, or lets you specify a size.
  • Reply To
  • Delivery Retry
  • SMTP Error Message Logging
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